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Another name for the dick
geeus a gonk ya dobber
by willy wonka October 03, 2002
A male penis or a dildo
"look at the state of that dobber"
by Speirsy September 10, 2005
A fat northen male or female who live off Greggs, always seen wearing tight leggings and Everlast Tee shirts. The whole family look the same, hence 'look at those fucking dobbers!'
fat dole scum, smokes rollups and waddle when they walk, they even have tits on there backs as there so fat, 'What a pair of dobbers'.
#fat #scum #chubby #fuckwits #dole.
by copeulation March 13, 2012
a dobber is a penis. Used in Glasgow and the surrounding places instead of saying 'Ya cock', ya dick etc.
Get tae fuck ya dobber.
by Iguy July 13, 2004
A Glasgow term for a dick head or in general just a stupid cunt.
See u, I'll punh ur cunt in ya fukin dobber.
by bettadayz October 18, 2015
1. Dobber , dobbing , dobbin' :- something 'big' - big headache, big penis, big idiot, big fool
1a. England:- A 'dobber' is a large marble (small glass coloured balls kids used to play with)
2. Australia, NZ (?):- to 'dob' someone in means to squeal on someone, to expose them, tell on them
I'll match my blue dobber against your medium stripey marble.
#marbles #conkers #playtime #g'day #playground
by yewtopia December 19, 2007
Dobbers, a powerful phychoactive drug, has many effects, which include, but are not limited to: Uncontrollable fits of laughter, general coordination loss; especially with balance, and increased appreciation of Starbucks, vision problems (may include walls not appearing, which can lead to collisions), and general giddiness. A Dobbers overdose can occur, and the symptons include laughter which reduces the victim to tears, and collapse onto the floor, writhing hysterically.
Yo man, this Dobbers shit is so good, im trippin balls right now bro!
#dobbers #drug #drugs #high #crazy
by Drugged Out April 06, 2008
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