A Graham is a handsome, popular, and tall guy. They generally live in a preppy place, with women at his feet praying to him. He is a god. Grahams also are generally very athletic, even the most athletic in their class. If you meet a Graham, you are a very lucky individual, although you may be speechless by his incredibly looks, hair, body, and eyes. A Graham can easily steal your woman, although he is too nice of a guy to do so. A Graham always belongs to a country club, but he is more of a classic American sports guy (Football, Basketball, Hockey, Lacrosse). Nonetheless, Graham is basically what you want to be when you are a fetus inside of your moms aching belly....
Guy1: "What the hell is Graham doing here? Isn't he supposed to be on the moon, saving the world, or on a yacht?"

Guy2: "Who the fuck knows.... I don't want to piss my pants today, so I'm not going to go talk to him."

Example 2 ~

Girl: (Sees Graham) Oragasm.
by WeLikeToPissOfOldWhitePeople July 18, 2013
They are strong and funny characters. Sensitive but will not let on to the fact. Mindlessly kind, pranksters to the end to ensure a great atmosphere. Young at heart and foolish sometimes with their faith in people. One of the most innovative, charismatic, intelligent creatures; their only downfalls is that they're prone to self doubt and easily frustrated. Overall, classed as genuine, loyal and enigmatic members of the western world.
You see that eloquent young speaker up there? Got a bit of the "graham" in him he has; class act all by himself.
by Anastacia Beaverhausen January 20, 2014
A tall handsome and utterly fuck worthy dude that has no place on this earth as it is entirely beneath him. Women fall at his feet and are often found exploding in orgasm as he may pass them by.
"Whoa dude is that a 'Graham'?"

"Yeah, what's he doing on earth, I thought he was like on another level"

"Oh my god I think I just came"
by MandaLovesIt April 01, 2009
A person who is generally white. He is funny and chill most of the time but randomly rages and makes everyone laugh.
What a Graham guy lol
by Centurion Actual November 24, 2014

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