A prepubescent(sp? im not a dictionary) person, threatening people over the interweb.
Man I'll rape yo mamma fsho
by LiKe wOAh November 30, 2003
Someone whom commits thuggish crimes/acts via the internet, such as but not limited to: running botnets, spamming emails, rooting box's and making hacks for popular online shooting games.
det0x is an e thug, he DDoS'd me for 3 weeks for talking shit.
by fum3n February 07, 2009
A person who acts hard and talks alot of shit online. Mainly personifying a gangster rapper and talking like a ghetto child to make themselves more threatening sounding.
"Yo, I is gonna fuck you up nigga, throw down like you wanna."

"That guy just told me to ride or die, he is such a fucking e-thug."
by n!ghtmare June 30, 2006
(noun) One who dedicates him/herself to "thug life", making comments on various forums and discussion boards such as "Quit hiding behind your screen fuck face, I'll kill you!", while in reality, this individual is simply just another computer geek.
(1): OMG 19" !? Black people are using 19" right now. Whose gonna buy this? Wow.

(2): wow #1. how tasteful.

(1): O man how ironic that #2 mentions taste. Cause that fuckin douchebag was tastin my c..0..ck about 2 minutes again when I force fed that fuck my rod. He then proceeded to taste my hot load and I filled his fuckin mouth with my cum. Don't fuck with me motherfucker, I will beat the fuck out of you. You come here talking all kinds of shit, while hiding behind ur computer screen. How bout back that shit up? bitch, fuckin bitch.

(3): eThugs fo life nigga.
by che-z January 20, 2006
A special breed of electronic thug commonly referred to as a Ethug (not to be confused with an ecstasy thug). Some key things to look for when trying to identify a Ethug are but not limited to the following:

1. Is he swearing a lot... And by a lot i mean every other word. If not, hes not an Ethug

2. Does he think that everyone on the internet is bad? If not, he's not an Ethug.

3. When confronted in real life, does he bitch out? If yes... Then he's an Ethug
That kid is a Ethug, he won't do anything for real. He isn't even good.
by BreakyCPK February 28, 2011
E-thugs are people that feel the need to use only .0001% of their brains in chatrooms. E-thugs usually are lonely old men or wangsters that aren't socially accepted by others, and are therefore releasing their witheld anger on other internet users.

Normalguy:Hey have you guys seen the movie get smart? It's really great.

GaNgSTaaaSTarR15 ( e-thug): DoOD gEt smRT SUckkkkssssS! i'm da BESTTTTTT!!!11

The rest of the chatroom: wtf?
by Scramlez_The_Death_Dealer July 15, 2008
A good descriptor for what just about every Counterstrike kiddie thinks he is.
Blackweb: OMG HAXXOR. That Headshot was BS! MY parents own MICROSOFT! ILL Hack Ur aSs!

Kaoshin: LOLS. Pwnt.

Blackweb: Whats your address? Ill come over and kick your ass!

Kaoshin: ROFLMAO!
X2daZ: What an E-thug!
Yvanhoe: Nitsud likes men!
by Kaoshin March 20, 2007

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