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A Thug Online Who is Really A Pansy In Real Life
ex.1 lil stud 2512: dude i swear to god if i met u in real life i would pount ur face in u mopther f***ler

ex.2 <trX`Fats> Man whats ur ******* adress give me ur ******* adresss ill beat you ups and break all ur bones
by ZD March 04, 2005
XD No longer.

ZD! It's start the revolution!

ZD is as XD but X less Z more.
Yes, the dog is funny. ZD.
by ZD April 08, 2005
Malibu Coconut Rum + Grey Goose Vodka
"Mix that Goose and Malibu I call it 'Malibooyah'"
-Kanye West, Monster
by zd November 12, 2013

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