Somebody who pretends to be everything on the internet. Often these people can't type in a normal way and like to curse.
Normal Person:
Stop acting like that. You aren't funny.

diz guy imma kill him man he's liek acting so tuff i break toe of him.

For more examples just pay a visit to and check the comments.
by UndefinedGuy May 22, 2007
A teenage guy who acts tough on the internet and threatens people, but probably could not kick his own mother's ass.
"I was talking about lions on the net, and out of nowhere some fag tries to e thug me, saying he would kick my ass"
by SaintsRule July 28, 2007
1. A person who feels the need to make fun of others over the internet to fill the emptyness in their loser life.

2.Nick Lebetz
"OMG YOU ARE A FAG!!!! shut up mom i know i have to take the trash out"
by Mike Mayer November 08, 2004
A Thug Online Who is Really A Pansy In Real Life
ex.1 lil stud 2512: dude i swear to god if i met u in real life i would pount ur face in u mopther f***ler

ex.2 <trX`Fats> Man whats ur ******* adress give me ur ******* adresss ill beat you ups and break all ur bones
by ZD March 04, 2005
a nerd posing as a hardcore gangsta
N3rd4L1f3:I'll mess u up son
BMallday:pssh ur an ethug
by Runingwitknifes May 21, 2008
1. Person that will agrue with you over the internet.

2. People who can't hold it down in real life so they insist on bringing it to the internet.

"Never agrue with an eThug... They will bring you down to there level and beat you with experience."

Andrew: Mike, this girl Mallory is constantly bustin my ballz on facebook....
Mike: I dont know man can't you just block her or something
Mallory: Just because you can't handle this....
Andrew: See man
Mike: Yup
by DJHomey August 29, 2007
e-Thug is a person on the internet that is continuously rude and picks fights on forums. Hey Knowledge!
Hey Knowledge you dimwit, stop crying about being called an e-Thug.
by Knowledge-LOL May 06, 2010
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