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A good descriptor for what just about every Counterstrike kiddie thinks he is.
Blackweb: OMG HAXXOR. That Headshot was BS! MY parents own MICROSOFT! ILL Hack Ur aSs!

Kaoshin: LOLS. Pwnt.

Blackweb: Whats your address? Ill come over and kick your ass!

Kaoshin: ROFLMAO!
X2daZ: What an E-thug!
Yvanhoe: Nitsud likes men!
by Kaoshin March 20, 2007
You shit (preferable a hard long turd) into a condom of your choice. Then proceed to use it as a Dildo. This is also a good technique for making a Cold Carl.... Just freeze the turd/condom and then remove the condom for a yummy treat.
Dude I uses a the fluffy bunny on you mom's vagina and it broke! Now she all infected and shit!
by Kaoshin May 02, 2007

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