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1: a person who is considerably cortically subilluminated, less smart than the average person.
2: someone with crazy ideas that could be considered dangerous
3: someone who doesn't know what he is doing
4: someone who does things just to gain acceptance from others, not because he is a real personality see prop
Ron: Man, I had to tell Urs not to lick the socket like 7 times.
Todd: Yeah he's a dimwit.
by FormFaktor February 27, 2003
A dim witted person who knows nothing aka. stupid. Technically, the biggest moron on earth.
My gosh, he's such a dim wit.
by idobeliveinfaeries January 28, 2004
dim <verb & acronym> ⊕ wit <n.>
= dimwit

do it myself /wit

*a play on parts of speech and acronyms meaning, that when combined and used in a proper English sentence means more than what dimwit actually means.

A line of clothing being produced independently as t-shirts/etc., with 'dimwit' as a label in Springfield Missouri
She came to me first as such a dimwit, yet when I realized how much she loved to do things on her own terms I realized how much of a true dimwit she actually was.

/Like a child at play in the park on a Saturday mourning being a goof yet loves to soak truth
by Dorus DeLorean August 12, 2010
The person who looks up the word "dimwit" in a dictionary because they don't know what it means.
You are a dimwit. You looked up this word.
by TheKingT April 12, 2010
Similar to DINKS (Dual income, no kids)
Dual Income, Married, With Teens
My husband and I are DIMWITS, but our last one graduates next year, so we should get better. ;)
by Tidbits September 19, 2006
you be a dimwit
by Chode Burner February 27, 2003
The type of person who looks this word up
You are a dimwit if you look up dimwit
by 3Kate October 16, 2006