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(1) Anyone who rips you off via the internet
(2) Anyone who posts know-it-all, irritating, or bullying messages on internet bulletin boards

syn. flame, flamer, ass hole
1. I bought a cell phone off of ebay two weeks ago, but that e-hole never sent me my phone.

2. That e-hole is always flaming on this bulletin board.
by brian in lansing October 01, 2005
A person that send you useless mass emails. Usually jokes or chain-letters.
"Look, more crap from that e hole Bla Bla... He's screwing up my machine".
by TBA November 06, 2006
Short for 'email black hole', but obviously a play on 'a**hole'; a person who never replies to email of any kind.

Note that people can be selective eholes -- not replying, say, to urban legends that are passed around.

Someone can also be rendered into an ehole by a busy schedule -- see the second example below.
I sent John the information, but he's an ehole -- I never heard back from him.

(perhaps from John): Sorry I was such an ehole last week -- I was just swamped at work.
by John Clawsen September 19, 2005
anyone who abuses or is rude on their computer and or internet.
Some E-hole wrote a bogus website review
by onegolfinrn June 05, 2011
An eBay user who engages in any form of eBy assholery (late payment, lied about item description, unwarranted neg feedback, etc).
God damn that seller was an eHole! This Fabergé egg I bought on eBay is a counterfeit.
by Pete Reidisch August 17, 2010
n. The virtual portal from which annoying, demanding, or incessant emails emerge, similar to "pie hole" or "cake hole" but is electronnic in nature.
"Shut your freaking ehole, beotch!"
by Sean, Kris, and Maria May 22, 2008
A Twenty something Dot Com type that believes that he is actually intelligent enough to keep his floundering Internet Business alive while doing mounds of cocaine.
That dude that opened is really impressed with himself, but he's just a fucking ehole.
by Johnny Cachinga March 07, 2003
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