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Only the most amazing show you will see on modern television, including many ducks, and a giant redneck family.
Si: Hey did you see Duck Dynasty last night?
Willie: Of course, that's the best show ever!
by willie6969 April 14, 2013
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any man with a large unkempt nasty ass beard.
"Hey man, check out duckdynasty over there. He keeps trying to talk to me about government conspiracies."
by bloodklotter May 22, 2014
The worst thing that ever happen to western civization. Not only is it a complete waste of ones unretrievable moments of life but it also lowers your I.Q. by five points per episode watched. However, it is a great litmus test for fishing out morons.
Moron: Hey, did you hear what Si said last night on Duck Dynasty?

Nonmoron: No, I was busy watching a Feynman lecture on YouTube.
by FinnTheLight September 10, 2013
A polygamist commune of gay married homosexual men living as a family unit. Know for their frequent gay orgies at which the grunting sounds of numerous men amid various angry sex acts can sound like a flock of angry ducks.
1. Person 1: Have you seen Joe recently? Person 2: Didn't you hear? He married into that duck dynasty out in the desert.

2. The group of apes grunting in unison sounded like a duck dynasty.
by InnocentBystander69 March 27, 2014

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