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No its not, you dumbass. Its the preferred answer to all the questions that JJ from "Good Times" is asked.
"JJ, you ruined my life"
by Chris Ferguson March 19, 2005
A slang term used in response to something they think is good.Quite frequently used back in the 70's wit the disco balls and what not
guy at the front door- u just won a million dollars

guy who owns house- DyNoMITE!
#bomb #cool #tight #awesome #sweet
by sutelc August 08, 2006
Very cool; Awesome; Amazing; Hip.
Dawn is dy-no-mite.
Katie's clothes were totally dy-no-mite.
#dinomite #dy #no #mite #hip #dawn #katie #awesome #amazing #cool #retro
by Dawn Kathleen January 16, 2009
n. Preferred answer to all of the questions Dave Chappelle is asked.
"Dave Chappelle, you ruined my life."
by david justice March 24, 2003
I stuck some dynomite up me pussy; I on da rag.
by Anonymous October 28, 2003
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