Dylan: to play video games for a long period of time without stopping.
"He just pulled a dylan and played games all day!"
by i<3catz79 June 05, 2013
The type of person that is attracted to cats.
im a dylan ... meow
by dislander3000 December 30, 2011
Dylan Pate
The most amazing guy you will ever meet, he will make you smile like you have never smiled before, he is the sweetest guy you will ever encounter. He is an endangered species of true gentlemen. No amount of words would ever be enough to describe such an amazing person and he is my eighth wonder of the world.<3
Dylan you make me smile
by xohollywoodriotox November 28, 2011
Of Jesus-esque proportions. Good at anything he wants to be good at. Can even transform water into wine, that, consequently, will most likely be consumed moments thereafter due to his uncanny alcoholism. Livers everywhere hate him.
He totally went Dylan all up in that bitch!
by DRizz0 February 04, 2010
Dylan is a very sweet guy with a huge heart. He is a hilarious, sweet person who loves to have fun and make people laugh. He cares more than most and can make your day so much better by just being in it. He can make you smile even if you are ready to cry. He is very talkative and brave. He will protect the one he loves, and he loves with his whole heart. He loves to see the girl he loves smile, and a lot of people like him. He has red red hair and blue eyes, and is just gorgeous.
Girl 1: Dylan is so sweet! I love him!
Girl 2: I know you do!
by Furever April 03, 2014
The sweetest guy you will ever meet, he'se been through a lot of shit but has a heart of gold. He has lost of friends and loves to hang out and joke around with them. He has the softest hair in the world and the bestest friend and boyfriend you could ever ask for. He is perfect in every way and everything he does is perfect. Hese very adventurous and has a lot of ambition. If you ever find a flat rock at a beach you should give it to him because Dylan's are very talented in many ways expectially at skipping rocks. Dylan's have a deep love for pizza and apple juice. Dylan's eyes are the prettiest shade of blue and you can get lost just looking in them. If you every come across a Dylan keep him close to your heart because they are rare and very special.c
When I met Dylan it was love at first sight.
by Sparkles and glitter January 30, 2015
Dylan is a male name,

he can be the biggest asshole
but he can also be the biggest sweet heart if he wants to.
Dylans usually has brown eyes and his usually handsome.
Joseph is his middle name.
Dylans like long relationships and have the tendency of being complete dicks in the begining of the relationship and is in a 2 year one right now with a girl name Laura(;
Dylans change for somebody they love and they would do anything to see their girl smile.
Avery: Is Laura still dating Dylan?
Emily: Yeah I don't know how she deals with it.
Avery: His such a sweet heart though, I can't stand them being together, I want him for myself !
Emily: Have fun with that haha they've been together for 2 years..
by LIS October 13, 2014

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