The type of person that is attracted to cats.
im a dylan ... meow
by dislander3000 December 30, 2011
some one with both fully functioning testicles
despite what people might believe
wow that guy was amazing in bed

yeah total dylan
by jiommycrickesh March 09, 2010
Dylan is usually a boy. Dylan's can be sweethearts if they aren't playing you. If the Dylan is good/ honest, they can be the sweetest think on the planet. But, if the Dylan is using you or is being a straight up jerk, then run as far as you can. Some Dylan's are ugly and some are sexy as hell. They can be beautiful to one eye and hideous to the next. Dylan's will be right there for you and sometimes share the same exact interests. If you become boyfriends with a Dylan, then you should hold him tight because they are easy to slip away. If you breakup with a Dylan, you should give him a smack on the frikkin head. Dylan's are amazing or jerks. Either way, you will fall hard for them.
Good Dylan: That Dylan is so amazing I wish he was mine.
Bad Dylan: That Dylan is such a jerk! I heard he text dumped his first girlfriend and never actually liked her.
Dylan: Dylan is such a nice guy but sometimes he can be a jerk.
by Kittyintartarus November 01, 2013
Of Jesus-esque proportions. Good at anything he wants to be good at. Can even transform water into wine, that, consequently, will most likely be consumed moments thereafter due to his uncanny alcoholism. Livers everywhere hate him.
He totally went Dylan all up in that bitch!
by DRizz0 February 04, 2010
Dylan is a very sweet guy with a huge heart. He is a hilarious, sweet person who loves to have fun and make people laugh. He cares more than most and can make your day so much better by just being in it. He can make you smile even if you are ready to cry. He is very talkative and brave. He will protect the one he loves, and he loves with his whole heart. He loves to see the girl he loves smile, and a lot of people like him. He has red red hair and blue eyes, and is just gorgeous.
Girl 1: Dylan is so sweet! I love him!
Girl 2: I know you do!
by furrnanas April 03, 2014
Dylan Pate
The most amazing guy you will ever meet, he will make you smile like you have never smiled before, he is the sweetest guy you will ever encounter. He is an endangered species of true gentlemen. No amount of words would ever be enough to describe such an amazing person and he is my eighth wonder of the world.<3
Dylan you make me smile
by xohollywoodriotox November 28, 2011
Anyone with the name Dylan is probably loved by many. He probably likes a lot of girls and ignores the one who really loves him. Many Dylans have curly hair.
Alexandra: Omg. Dylan is so annoying.

Carly: No he's not. I like him even though he's a jerk to me.
Dylan: Screw Carly, I want Alexandra!

Alexandra: Cut your hair!
Carly: But I loved it :( and him
by bigred299 December 15, 2010

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