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A noob who is beginner at everything he does. Gets destroyed by everything, and get pwned so hard.
You are such a dylan!
by the dragon March 03, 2012
The type of person that is attracted to cats.
im a dylan ... meow
by dislander3000 December 30, 2011
A Retard and complete dumbass that is a horrible cocksman and cannot mac any bitches.
That faggot in the corner is such a dylan.
by Coxman69 July 18, 2014
A twig like boy with girl hair and features that plays the flute and doesn't know it. Dylan also likes to act like a dying walrus making distorted sex sounds.
"Did you that Dylan in the band last night?"
by F3nway Fan December 19, 2013
Awesome in bed with his big cock and good moves. He is loved by many women and is often fought over. He is hot and always tries to make people feel good about themselves. He's the best boyfriend any girl could ever had, and you would be lucky to date him. He is flirtatious and very outgoing.
Girl 1: Are you really dating Dylan?
Girl 2: Yes I am.
Girl1 : You're the luckiest girl on earth.
Girl 2: I know
by dylan'sluckygirl November 04, 2013
Dylan: to play video games for a long period of time without stopping.
"He just pulled a dylan and played games all day!"
by i<3catz79 June 05, 2013
Anyone with the name Dylan is probably loved by many. He probably likes a lot of girls and ignores the one who really loves him. Many Dylans have curly hair.
Alexandra: Omg. Dylan is so annoying.

Carly: No he's not. I like him even though he's a jerk to me.
Dylan: Screw Carly, I want Alexandra!

Alexandra: Cut your hair!
Carly: But I loved it :( and him
by bigred299 December 15, 2010