A incrediblely hot guy but is a real douche and will block you on social medias and will not say anything to you when your at his house while yall have texted for about a month or two he won even say hey
Girl 1: that guy is really Hott I wonder if he is a Dylan
Girl 2: he is. he is being a douche to that chick
by Bae! February 15, 2015
Best guy ever big dick everyone loves him women masturbate to the sound of his name he is a legend among his peers all women find him irresistible can find a better man than dylan especially in bed
Girl 1. Girl what happened to you last night

girl 2. Dylan was to much in bed ;)
by Simpleman June 05, 2015
1.(Noun)-The so-called founder of the Wangism religion. Is known to be very awesome and likes chicken wings.
2. (Adjective)-Someone who is awesome and likes chicken wings.
That person is such a Dylan!
by awesomeds16 December 15, 2014
Dylan is a male name,

he can be the biggest asshole
but he can also be the biggest sweet heart if he wants to.
Dylans usually has brown eyes and his usually handsome.
Joseph is his middle name.
Dylans like long relationships and have the tendency of being complete dicks in the begining of the relationship and is in a 2 year one right now with a girl name Laura(;
Dylans change for somebody they love and they would do anything to see their girl smile.
Avery: Is Laura still dating Dylan?
Emily: Yeah I don't know how she deals with it.
Avery: His such a sweet heart though, I can't stand them being together, I want him for myself !
Emily: Have fun with that haha they've been together for 2 years..
by LIS October 13, 2014
A twig like boy with girl hair and features that plays the flute and doesn't know it. Dylan also likes to act like a dying walrus making distorted sex sounds.
"Did you that Dylan in the band last night?"
by F3nway Fan December 19, 2013
In short, dylan means someone with a large gorilla penis who likes to eat mangos and relax on the beach.

Usually described in social situations as a God among men
That dylan is the best!
Can you pass me that dylan?
by dkrazy09 May 11, 2009
Seems like a sweet guy, but as soon as he's settled with a girlfriend he loses all willpower of communication and makes the girl feel paranoid that he's cheating on you.
Girl 1: He doesn't answer me anymore, even when we haven't spoken in a week.

Girl 2: Gurl, it looks like you've been Dylan'd.
by shortgirlnastyproblem January 11, 2016
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