A twig like boy with girl hair and features that plays the flute and doesn't know it. Dylan also likes to act like a dying walrus making distorted sex sounds.
"Did you that Dylan in the band last night?"
by F3nway Fan December 19, 2013
In short, dylan means someone with a large gorilla penis who likes to eat mangos and relax on the beach.

Usually described in social situations as a God among men
That dylan is the best!
Can you pass me that dylan?
by dkrazy09 May 11, 2009
This particular guy will be sweet as fuck, he will swoon you in and have you so swept off your feet you would die for him. You will fall in love so hard and so fast. But then he will turn out to be a huge dick with a try dick. He will manipulate your heart not once, but multiple times. He will make you feel bad all the time. He will be very depressive and won't take anyone's advice no matter what. He will continue to complain about his sadness and do nothing for himself. He is suicidal. He will drive you insane emotionally and mentally. Falling out of love with a Dylan is a very hard procedure and takes a long time. He will destroy you.
I love that Dylan, but I hate him too.

"Dylan is such fucklyn."
by Pizza :) December 05, 2013
The best company you could ever ask for. Dylan is a hilarious, witty, always trustworthy friend who is always there for you and will light up your life no matter what situation they are in. Outstanding in relationships as long as you don't get on their nerves as they are very tempermental but will try to look past it and love you unconditionally. Are also creative geniuses who have a completely different outlook on life, you will never be bored with them.
random person 1: hey who is that?
random person 2: oh that's Dylan, we are best friends!
random person 1: wow! lucky
by LoVeMoRe February 02, 2012
Dylan is someone who doesn't know what he wants. Someone selfish, and stubborn as hell. Dylan is not a liar, and is an honest person. Dylan truly does love, but Dylan does not know what he has. Dylan is too easily persuaded and is a sucker for girls who cry. Dylan will make you fall in love. Dylan is quite immature, and quiet. Smart. Not the best looking...huge dick. Dylan is sweet, but inexperienced. Dylan thinks for himself way too much. Dylan doesn't know what he wants. Dylan will care for you, but may change his mind. Dylan may have loved me, but Dylan ruined everything he had.
Natalie: "Man, I really thought me and Dylan would work out."
Monique: "Too bad he's that selfish. He doesn't know what he's missing."
by Natalie711 September 25, 2011
Anyone with the name Dylan is probably loved by many. He probably likes a lot of girls and ignores the one who really loves him. Many Dylans have curly hair.
Alexandra: Omg. Dylan is so annoying.

Carly: No he's not. I like him even though he's a jerk to me.
Dylan: Screw Carly, I want Alexandra!

Alexandra: Cut your hair!
Carly: But I loved it :( and him
by bigred299 December 15, 2010
A boy or girl. They are loving and all around amazing. They are very smexy and can be extremely sarcastic! They can make you feel better than anyone can and they would never willingly hurt someone's feelings unless the person says something to them first. They are usually tall, extremely smart, kind, and creative. Everyone should love a Dylan. The best word to describe Dylans are lovely.
My friend Dylan is really smexy!
by DaisyDelilah February 04, 2010

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