Best guy ever big dick everyone loves him women masturbate to the sound of his name he is a legend among his peers all women find him irresistible can find a better man than dylan especially in bed
Girl 1. Girl what happened to you last night

girl 2. Dylan was to much in bed ;)
by Simpleman June 05, 2015
Anyone with the name Dylan is probably loved by many. He probably likes a lot of girls and ignores the one who really loves him. Many Dylans have curly hair.
Alexandra: Omg. Dylan is so annoying.

Carly: No he's not. I like him even though he's a jerk to me.
Dylan: Screw Carly, I want Alexandra!

Alexandra: Cut your hair!
Carly: But I loved it :( and him
by bigred299 December 15, 2010
A guy with a very latge heart and he is incredibly sweet. He loves to make people feel loved and always tries to squeez a laugh out of someone. Dylan is a fun guy that can show you a good time but also be really chil lwhen he needs to be. He may not show that he cares for someone but deep down he loved them more than they know. Dylan is an all around amazing guy
Dylan always knows how to make me feel better when I'm low.
by Scarletwolf July 06, 2015
A boy who thinks he's solid
(n.) when u think of a dylan u think of a minter
by Yousmellofshitucunt April 12, 2015
A incrediblely hot guy but is a real douche and will block you on social medias and will not say anything to you when your at his house while yall have texted for about a month or two he won even say hey
Girl 1: that guy is really Hott I wonder if he is a Dylan
Girl 2: he is. he is being a douche to that chick
by Bae! February 15, 2015
1.(Noun)-The so-called founder of the Wangism religion. Is known to be very awesome and likes chicken wings.
2. (Adjective)-Someone who is awesome and likes chicken wings.
That person is such a Dylan!
by awesomeds16 December 15, 2014
The best company you could ever ask for. Dylan is a hilarious, witty, always trustworthy friend who is always there for you and will light up your life no matter what situation they are in. Outstanding in relationships as long as you don't get on their nerves as they are very tempermental but will try to look past it and love you unconditionally. Are also creative geniuses who have a completely different outlook on life, you will never be bored with them.
random person 1: hey who is that?
random person 2: oh that's Dylan, we are best friends!
random person 1: wow! lucky
by LoVeMoRe February 02, 2012

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