Dylan: to play video games for a long period of time without stopping.
"He just pulled a dylan and played games all day!"
by i<3catz79 June 05, 2013
Awesome in bed with his big cock and good moves. He is loved by many women and is often fought over. He is hot and always tries to make people feel good about themselves. He's the best boyfriend any girl could ever had, and you would be lucky to date him. He is flirtatious and very outgoing.
Girl 1: Are you really dating Dylan?
Girl 2: Yes I am.
Girl1 : You're the luckiest girl on earth.
Girl 2: I know
by dylan'sluckygirl November 04, 2013
Dylan is usually the scrawniest friend in the friend circle. His feet are usually cold, and he seems to be always hungry. Most Dylans have a skeletor like face, and are tall and awkward. Most Dylans have incredibly small penises, however, the odd is average. Dylans are mainly homosexuals and enjoy long and hard ejaculations. You can often find a Dylan surfing the web on a common site called 'elephant tube.'
"Dylan, You're a freak" "Dylan, You're a bear"
by youwillneverknowwinkswinks November 05, 2013
an extremily sexy guy who is sweet and loves to cuddle up with you, kiss u till u cant breath and would never hurt his girlfrien. he makes you feel sooo good about yourself, he makes your day become better as soon as he talks to you even if you had a horrible day, sometimes he might get a smartmouth about things but you can never stay made because he will make something up to make you happier again
omg! have you seen dylan i need him im having a bad day
by *tori* March 05, 2012
Dyaln's are generally charming and incredible, perfect at first glance. They make great friends and will always be there for you....well, for girls anyway. They are extreme flirts and tend to lead girls on a lot!
If you date a Dylan, he will make you feel amazing and beautiful. But will make life hard for you as he is very very sensitive and will get upset over very small things.

Most boys don't like Dylan's very much, as they do not like his opinionated ways and smart ass comments, combined with his stubborn streak.

Dylan's will get attached to girls very easily and will fall out of love as quickly as they fell in it.

No stranger to lies, he can break your heart in a flash and does not like to take the blame or take any responsibility.

However, he will forever hold a place in your heart.
Girl 1: OMG. That boy is incredible!
Girl 2: Yeah, you'll want to stay away from him.
Girl 1: why?
Girl 2: He's a Dylan.
by alasa99Xx December 13, 2010
A Retard and complete dumbass that is a horrible cocksman and cannot mac any bitches.
That faggot in the corner is such a dylan.
by Coxman69 July 18, 2014
A small dick guy that will always have a scummy girlfriend and he is garbage his dick is as small as a ticktac
by Twolves10 May 22, 2014

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