Best guy ever big dick everyone loves him women masturbate to the sound of his name he is a legend among his peers all women find him irresistible can find a better man than dylan especially in bed
Girl 1. Girl what happened to you last night

girl 2. Dylan was to much in bed ;)
by Simpleman June 05, 2015
Dylan is a male name,

he can be the biggest asshole
but he can also be the biggest sweet heart if he wants to.
Dylans usually has brown eyes and his usually handsome.
Joseph is his middle name.
Dylans like long relationships and have the tendency of being complete dicks in the begining of the relationship and is in a 2 year one right now with a girl name Laura(;
Dylans change for somebody they love and they would do anything to see their girl smile.
Avery: Is Laura still dating Dylan?
Emily: Yeah I don't know how she deals with it.
Avery: His such a sweet heart though, I can't stand them being together, I want him for myself !
Emily: Have fun with that haha they've been together for 2 years..
by LIS October 13, 2014
The best company you could ever ask for. Dylan is a hilarious, witty, always trustworthy friend who is always there for you and will light up your life no matter what situation they are in. Outstanding in relationships as long as you don't get on their nerves as they are very tempermental but will try to look past it and love you unconditionally. Are also creative geniuses who have a completely different outlook on life, you will never be bored with them.
random person 1: hey who is that?
random person 2: oh that's Dylan, we are best friends!
random person 1: wow! lucky
by LoVeMoRe February 02, 2012
A boy or girl. They are loving and all around amazing. They are very smexy and can be extremely sarcastic! They can make you feel better than anyone can and they would never willingly hurt someone's feelings unless the person says something to them first. They are usually tall, extremely smart, kind, and creative. Everyone should love a Dylan. The best word to describe Dylans are lovely.
My friend Dylan is really smexy!
by DaisyDelilah February 04, 2010
Someone who always does dumb shit, but everyone still loves him
You're such a Dylan today

I love Dylan but my mom fucking hates him
by Jupe11 July 13, 2016
Dylan is an amazing person. He's a great listener and communicator. He is Funny, smart, adorable and much much more! He is silly and everything I need. He is passionate about the things he loves and enjoys. He's perfect in every way. Forever and always yours <3.
Dylan. Perfection.
by Trinity Cherish .V. June 11, 2016
A butt hole from Ireland. Tries to jump from girl to girl but does not succeed.
He likes her AGAIN?! What a Dylan.
by TheQueen111 May 25, 2016
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