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1. a kindred soul
2. a girl whose beauty lies both within and without, her image brings grown men to their knees, her kindness and complexity keep them there indefinitely
3. the girl of my dreams
Just when my day seemed precarious, Hazel walked into the room. My heart stopped, I broke into a cold sweat, and my body ached to be embraced by her.
by Spitkicker October 31, 2005
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1. Someone who is an amazing mother.
2. Someone who is beautiful on the inside and out.
3. Someone who laughs at everything.
4. Someone who is supportive and inspiring.
5. Someone who is creative and artistic.
6. Someone who is the best best friend.
7. Someone who is fun to be around.
8. Someone who is simply the best person anyone could ever have the privilege of knowing.
You are acting so Hazel right now!
by Jenn Renee November 05, 2009
1. (uncountable) noun, the green-brown colour of some people's eyes
2. adjective, hazel eyes are a green-brown colour
Big, hazel eyes and cold, blue ones.
by Maciek Mazur January 04, 2005
Girl who is: Loving, caring, beautiful, sensitive, understanding, sexy, supportive, artistic, smart.
I love my Hazel
by sexygirlfriend July 21, 2010
1. Girl who is beautiful inside and out 2. Sexxyyy giirrllfriend!!! 3. Sweet, funny, very sensitve. 4. Wonderful, knows what she wants. 5. Anyone is lucky to have her.
I was having a bad day, but then I saw Hazel.
by Luckyduck23 July 21, 2010
A lovely girl with a bubbly personality! She is an amazing friend and is more likely to listen to your problems than to tell her own! Hazel is someone not to take for granted as she will be the best best friend you could ever ask for. She is very smart, sporty and artistic. Hazel is a friend to everyone but her closest friends are always the prettiest ones! This is because she doesn't believe she is beautiful too! She is an all round amazing person and you would be lucky to have know one.
Person 1: you see her, her names Hazel!
Person 2: yeh, she's always with the pretty girls.
Person 1: she belongs with them, she just doesn't realise it!
by the_friend_you_dont_notice May 19, 2013
An eye color, meaning more than one solitary color.
His eyes were hazel--green, brown, and blue.
by hicktownboy1991 June 05, 2009

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