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Jamaican term for "do it".
"Lard God! If di coacoa buttah cyant dweet, mi cyant help yuh mi frend! Jesas Christ!"
by Pietro July 06, 2006
Tweeting while deficating
Dusty, stop dweeting and get off the can. I gotta take an eight ball piss.
by dustyfromstl April 13, 2011
Noun referring to a tweet you posted while under the influence of alcohol ie drunk
ah man im really waste i really hope I don't Dweet my ex
by DoubleONigerian January 17, 2012

1) A Twitter tweet sent when drunk. A drunk tweet.

2) A Twitter tweet sent while on a date. A date tweet.
1) Did you see that dweet Adam sent last night? He must have been waisted.

2) @dweet He just went to bar to get us drinks, he is so hot.

by mcpaige April 30, 2008
Dweet: an object, place or person that is so unbelievably sweet that it must be misspelled.
"Yeah, well my Holy Avenger is so totally dweet."
by Neeeeeeeeeeeecole October 05, 2004
An expression of extreme satisfaction/happiness, when something goes right.
That 900 was f**kin' dweet!! or, Dude! that party was so dweet, that sucks you couldnt come.
by muffinman-Dean July 09, 2005
(1)Reference to a male erection.(2)The motion a boner makes.
(1)"Dude, I just had a dweet"(2)"DWEEEEEEEET"
by Nikate April 17, 2008
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