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compliment meaning good, smooth, impressive, etc.
You buttah baby
by Ebylox September 17, 2003
sub-rural ebonics; possible wigger misinterpretation
remarkably smooth and/or cool, exceptional. having bomb-like qualities.
Check out that mad phat dualie! Those mud flaps is buttahs. (Spoken by Chad Dawg, Peoria, IL, nowhere even remotely near the ga-hetto)
by Sextagatah January 03, 2005
When a shot is made in basketball.
*buzzer* Laurel takes the 3-pointer and makes it. "Buttah"
by Katrina Tamica February 21, 2007
Pretty famous in Harry Potter fandom. Buttah is the LJer everyone wants to be best friends with. She used to own wnadless magic and now she owns veritaserum.
Wow buttah has like 700 comments on her friends only post.
by Fan November 13, 2004
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