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4 definitions by Neeeeeeeeeeeecole

Or Whatever: Two words tacked on, often needlessly, to the end of a sentence when you feel you need to say something more/the sentence you just spoke was rather idiotic, but can't think of anything off the top of your head to say.
Hey, your jacket is, like, really pink or whatever.
by Neeeeeeeeeeeecole October 05, 2004
to timeline: To inform someone that what they just referenced/presented/discovered and showed others as something new and awesome is in fact older than crap. Origin from a "timeline" image on a message board that was to be posted at the time of timelining.

Over time, however, the process of timelining an individual is thought of as rude, due to the fact that the timelined individual has just been sassed out for no reason they are aware of.
"Hey, guys, look at this flash thing I just found! Hahaha, kamikaze watermelon-"
by Neeeeeeeeeeeecole October 05, 2004
1. The cool license is a fictional (or literal?!) license given to superawesome members of any given social group or subculture.
2. The cool license is a fictional (or literal?!) document issued to prominent or awesome members of society to recognize them as someone undoubtedly cool.

The Down Side: The cool license is also often invoked when someone does something undeniably and painfully geeky; however, in this case it is recognized by the removal of itself.
The Up Side: "For letting me use the bathroom first when half a 24 was sloshing about in your bladder, I present you with your very own cool license."

The Down Side: "You're going out, for halloween, as Sephiroth. Dude, your cool license has been officially revoked."
by Neeeeeeeeeeeecole October 05, 2004
Dweet: an object, place or person that is so unbelievably sweet that it must be misspelled.
"Yeah, well my Holy Avenger is so totally dweet."
by Neeeeeeeeeeeecole October 05, 2004