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A home made music video, the result of lip syncing and audio dubbing.
lip dub: I think we should get together, shoot a video and lib dub that new Matchbox 20 song.
by mcpaige September 02, 2007
Acronym. Used in emails and IM chat, means Negative Notification Not Required. So if I ask "Who's going on the trip this weekend?" If your not going..nnnr. NNR is the oposite of "negative response requested"
"RE: Who's going on the trip this weekend?"
by mcpaige March 21, 2005

1) A Twitter tweet sent when drunk. A drunk tweet.

2) A Twitter tweet sent while on a date. A date tweet.
1) Did you see that dweet Adam sent last night? He must have been waisted.

2) @dweet He just went to bar to get us drinks, he is so hot.

by mcpaige April 30, 2008

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