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A southern gal with an attractive smile. She has many guy friends and can be a superb wing-man. She makes you fall in love with her personality and is always ready for fun however; she can be scary when you make her angry Men know to respect her and if they don't, they learn quickly.
Dustie sure can throw a punch.
by ohyeah_juice November 30, 2011
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Is the most beautiful girl any man has ever laid eyes on. She is very out going has amazing gorgeous eyes that you can get lost in if you stare for long periods of time. She is one of those fallen angels that have been released on this earth to better a lucky mans life. Shes super sweet, caring, and devoted to what makes most sense to her. No man can look at this girl without an erect penis. There is nothing that this amazing girl cannot do. But if you choose to wrong her there is a whole other fierce side of her you would not want to get to know.
Dustie is falling for a special man.

Dustie makes life so much more exciting.
by AADDAAMM July 03, 2012
A first name, usually reserved for girls. Tends to be associated with those that are particularly scary.
Everyone is afraid of what Dustie might do.
by s_m_g February 04, 2010

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