An ugly female that is not worth your time but you always find yourself going after at a party when drunk, and you call them every once in a while to secure for a future hookup.
Dude 1: "Man whos that dusty that Adams hooking up with."
Dude 2: Thats that dusty bitch Brittany.
by Quincy Adams March 22, 2006
Being a scrub and are so oblivious to how stupid you look, act, talk, etc...Mostly reflective on the "dusty" clothes you ware such as nessio, stussy, shit bought from marshalls or ross....
Man that fool is dusty
by DirtyQ April 11, 2005
to be attractive
from the film 'friday'
chris tucker 'i'd knock the dust off that pussy'
that bird was dusty, q-dog

no doubt, dusty as
by Lorenzo January 17, 2005
1) To get top-ticked on a buy order in a trade.

2) To short a stock at its bottom.

3) To empty the magazine of your rifle at an antelope and hit nothing but dirt.
1) I wanted to buy Intel at 29 but got my trader got dusty'd and we were filled at 31.

3) I went antelope hunting for a week and only got dusty. I think I'll eat another tofu salad and spank my monkey.
by Monkeyspunk September 19, 2003
The period of an aspiring actress' life just before she is forced into pornography.
It was during her "dusty" period when she began working as Winnie the Pooh in Disney World.
by Nick H. August 30, 2003
To engage in elicit sexual conduct in a location that is seldom used and/or visited.

"Did you hear about Andrew and Michelle? They got dusty last night in the basement of the stacks!"
by Mende May 01, 2008
soming old and not played with or used

like ps1
Vidz:kool u like my new psp
Shaft:man psp's r old bruv
Gem:lol mines at yrd catching dust
Shaft: haha yea man tht stuff's old thats DUSTY blud

^^^ example & how it came about ^^^^^^
by C.J.T. September 11, 2007

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