dust. tired , lazy , how you feel when coming off your weed high .
" You still down to ball up later ? " - friend
"Nah bruh im hella dusted" - you .

"Bruh is the roach dust ?"
"Yeah the blunts dusted"
by aigbfro January 14, 2015
to completely beat someone in a race.
Yo i dusted yo ass in da 55m dash
by Rowlz May 31, 2005
The word "dusted" is a word used to describe an event in which there is a recipient of ill tidings. The word can also be used to describe an extremely high intoxication level within an individual.
"I completely dusted my test! That was so simple."

"Man, I got dusted by that test... It was difficult."

"Me and the boys got so dusted that we had to chundy all over the counter!'
by ballislife. June 22, 2014
To shoot and kill someone, typically with a single shot to the head from a distance.
*Gun shot* *Man falls to ground dead* DUSTED!
by William J J T October 29, 2010
1. To have been killed; murdered; finished. From ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

2. Archaic. To be high on PCP, commonly known as angel dust.

3. After a robbery, when the police have supposedly thoroughly investigated the crime scene, including dusting for fingerprints.
1. He wouldn't pay JJ, so JJ dusted him.
No more beer! The keg's dusted.

2. The dude was so dusted, he thought he could fly, broke his back when he jumped out of that tree.

3. The police just left, they dusted for prints.
by Dakota Bill G March 10, 2005
Dusted: adj; Utterly fabulous and or flawless.
Girl, Miss Nytlee's outfit is DUSTED, bitch!
by Miss Nytlee aka Miss Daley February 19, 2005
adj: under the influence of marijuana and/or PCP; high.
What happens if the cops pull you over and you're dusted? Big trouble, that's what, buddy.
by Spit Blood April 15, 2003
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