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To vomit or puke, likely as a result of drinking too much.
Dude, did you see me chundy all over that chick at the bar last night?
by kingwolfos September 04, 2010
Indian slang. Usually used to mean 'idiot' but can also be used as a casual greeting amongst mates.
"That chundy forgot to give me change."

"Sup chundies?!"
by panjabi August 22, 2008
Asserting your dominance on a household by taking a huge shit in the toilet and only half flushing it.
Jesus Christ, someone pulled a chundy in the toilet and I'm feeling pretty vulnerable.

Wow the guys in my halls are pretty big, I may have to pull a chundy.
by SandhurtHoods October 14, 2013
When a person wears the same socks and underwear for more than 3 days in a row. Creating a filthy smelly individual. The socks and underwear are known as chundies.
Brett "What the fuck is up with Mikey, he smells like a Billy Goat"?

Matt "Ya he has been rockin those chundies for 5 days now".
by MadShitter40 January 18, 2012
When you have a poop coated piece of underwear where you cannot see any underwear at all.
Alex accidentally made some chundies in gym class
by Onyx Mefacc January 18, 2010
The chunky stuff that sometimes accompanies a burp.
I had to keep my mouth closed so the chundy wouldn't drip out when I belched.
by anonymous March 28, 2004
A dick fatter than it is long, same as chode
"Daniel has the fattest chundy I ever saw"
"Ewww that guy has a chundy, how can i fit it in my mouth?"
by Bobfred February 03, 2004

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