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Low-quality Marijuana that's been artificially enhanced by adding small amounts of PCP.
I bought some nug off a random dealer in the city...turned out it was dusted.
by Roger Seamus Gilson April 11, 2005
12 28
What happens when a nonjoo who visits the holy site of Massadal without giving proper respect.
Eluminated guy: "Hey, am I in da holey land heir at Massada?

Jooguard: "No, not any more. You're dusted ss aholes...cap...cap...RESPECT"
by Pal an his kiake47 March 10, 2005
1 17
To finish off an intoxicating substance.
Man, we dusted all that weed, beer, and coke already?
by Dank March 10, 2005
7 26
1. To have bashed or beaten someone. To get hurt badly.
2. Means the same as being busted.
1. "He waz being smart, so I stepped up and dusted him."
"I tried a kickflip nosegrind on the handrail and got dusted hardcore."
2. "My wife dusted me when I got caught sleeping with her sister."
"The cops dusted me for being high while driving."
by Diego September 02, 2003
39 88