to smoke embalming fluid angel dust pcp sherm to get g'd up smoke gangsta....dipset all day every day...smoke on dipped cigarettes or smokin a gangsta on sum trees get u fucked up 4 real not 4 that weak minded u probably end up fuckin yoself up or goin crazy...not to be taken on da regular...if u bangin u probably will smoke 1 on ur way to smoke sum1...ya feel me that red devil..if u can neck it n survive that means u aint no bitch
For tha west...i was trippin off sherm n got so dusted i started bustin at every mark as buster i saw.
For da east...i was on that dust mothafuckin g'd up kid i started gettin at niggas n splittin they wigs!!
by ReinA86 September 19, 2006
In addition to the meaning of being badly beaten, in my neck of the woods this phrase refers to the consumption of grog.
Things were a bit far east to begin with. But then we dusted that bottle of wodka and shit went off the hook.
by bitchface March 10, 2005
1) to kill someone, or get killed
2) to be on Pcp
1) this bitch stepped to me, so i dusted his ass

2) "he took on 5 cops like he was dusted to the eyeballs"
by Big Robert March 10, 2005
To get killed.
Used in Vietnam during the war. From the phrase "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust".
Man, Jones got dusted today.
by Al March 10, 2005
Low-quality Marijuana that's been artificially enhanced by adding small amounts of PCP.
I bought some nug off a random dealer in the city...turned out it was dusted.
by Roger Seamus Gilson April 11, 2005
What happens when a nonjoo who visits the holy site of Massadal without giving proper respect.
Eluminated guy: "Hey, am I in da holey land heir at Massada?

Jooguard: "No, not any more. You're dusted ss aholes...cap...cap...RESPECT"
by Pal an his kiake47 March 10, 2005
To finish off an intoxicating substance.
Man, we dusted all that weed, beer, and coke already?
by Dank March 10, 2005
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