Someone who just got killed or someone who is really high.
Holy shit im dusted./Dude your going to be dusted when he finds out you stole his car.
by UR FACE MUTA TRUKAH January 06, 2010
When you are real drunk.
Girl........I was so dusted last night, I don't even know have I drove home.
by T May 13, 2004
dusted: london slang for run away/get away
i was skinnin up behind tesco and 2 po po bopped round the corner so i dashed my joint and dusted.
i was in james's house fuking his mum when his old man walked in the front door i said sorry mrs jimmys mum i gotta dust
when something runs out, especially a keg
when i rolled up at the party, the keg was already dusted
by M feezy October 14, 2004
The after effects of smoking marijuana. A person that is "dusted" is one that is coming down after being high but is still not fully sober.
After I went home, I just watched a movie all dusted
by Natur Enimie August 04, 2010
Engineering Acronym. DUSTED, Drink Unsuspecting Small Town Establishment Dry. Used to describe the action of gathering up a large group of engineers, traveling to a rural bar, and drinking all the alcohol on the premises, rendering the establishment 'dry'.
"The boys and I went on a DUSTED trip last weekend."
by Justin700 September 15, 2007
Inhailing a substance used to clean a computer keyboard that gives the feeling of nitrous oxide
I went to Kmart and bought six cans, lets go get dusted!
by Rob March 10, 2005

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