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When someone post a dumb shit definition on urbandictionary.com...

When u post a inside joke between you and your boss...
Or when you post a definition that is in the real dictionary...
Its dumb and not intresting to read..

And I will make fun of you and call you a dumb shit!!
Boss poop: my boss takes long in the bathroom so her nickname is poopie boss...

Gay dumb and stupid...
You can do better you dumb shit!!
by jaoni November 17, 2011
0 3
n. An incredibly stupid idiot

refers to some dumb situation, person, or thing

moronic excrete
Frustrated Mario guy: "Why the fuck are you eating the ceiling, you dumb shit!" Dumb shit Dumb Shit
by The Stealth Brick February 08, 2010
1 6
a person like you that looks up the word dumbshit usually smokes pot
Guy: See that dude over there smokin pot?

Guy2: yea he's a dumbshit
by ahhh hamburgers July 29, 2008
2 11
Someone who says or does something wrong but is to stupid or ignorant to correct it.
Some Kid: So I punched a kid today, sir.

Mr. Wiggins: SEE HOW YOU IS?!

Me: It's "are", not "is", you dumbshit.

by Ivan Wells August 26, 2006
2 27