People who support drug prohibition despite the overwhelming evidence that the drug war does more harm than good.
dumbshit: If it's legalized everyone will start smoking all the time and quit their jobs before running people over with their cars while high.

reasonable person: You are a dumbshit.
by reasonator July 04, 2012
Shitting without having your smartphone with you.
I took a dumbshit this morning. When I ran upstairs to piss, it ended up changing into the full monty. Caught without my iphone, the download process only took a minute or two instead of the 20 minutes normally required to text, tweet, and surf from the throne.
by SwatchDog November 19, 2010
a person that is stupid, retarded, or just plain ignorant; a combination of a dumbass and a shithead; also known as an asshead
kyle: yesturday my little brother van was playing videogames while jacking off and he squirted himself in the eye
jack: wow! your brother's such a dumb shit
by p.o.b.forever December 25, 2009
A creature who cannot be trusted to even take care of himself properly. Most of the time dumdshits are closey related to fucktards, fuckboys, asshats, droolies, pond scums, fuckwits, manwhores, bride jumpers and all other low lyfes who think they can just skate through life hurting anyone and everyone so long as they get what they want in that very moment. Dumbshits rarely are respected and are seen as creatures of great algae eating abilities. Dumbshits think they know what's best when in fact just tend to fuck things up for society as a whole. Dumbshits can rarely make a good decision when it comes to being a decent creature. These sort of creatures usually feed off the bottom of the pond. Most of the time they are known for their conniving fuckboy like attributes that include but are not limited to: dishonesty, ignorance, manipulative personality.
Why are you being such a JD, i mean dumbshit?
Get with the program dumbshit.
by PineappleJuice February 25, 2015
Dumb shit is not necessarily an insult, it can also refer to illogical or irrational feats of greatness.
Announcer: "That homerun was hit over 500 ft!"

by mr dumb shit February 11, 2014
A guy.
Guy's are dumbshit's.

This guy is a dumbshit.
by Urm May 18, 2013
an olim camper (14-15 years old) who attend Crane Lake Camp second session 2006. They are stupid. Typically, they rip $10 bills, think skating rinks are heated, think Jimmy Hendrix is a tennis player, almost get hit by cars multiple times in a day. These are not people who you can trust to behave in public places.
look at emma, she is such a dumbshit, she just ripped another $10 bill.

"Wait don't Canadians live in Canadia?" beth asked.
no you dumbshit
by Emma Beth Dumbshit January 19, 2008

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