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The state of being uncomfortable or freaked out.
I want to go home, this place gives me the wiggins.
by Branfon August 01, 2005
an uneasy feeling; a sense of foreboding badness. Originally coined by Joss Whedon, on his cult TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
That guy gave me the wiggins.
by Wendy J. June 06, 2005
Freakin out, being creeped out or freaked out by something or someone.
"That show gave me the wiggins"
by MaliceInWonderland December 23, 2006
Wildin out,acting crasy,or even trippin about something.
CeCe:"Piggy wuts wrong wit you? You always wiggin when Man come round"
Piggy:"gurl aint no body, Oooooh gurl there he go. Haaayyy Man. Oooh!! I like yo clothes yo shoes and yo hair!!"
CeCe:"gurl aint no cause for all that see you gone make that boi head big if you keep wiggin every time he come around!"
by Ms.Gigglez July 10, 2008
When people eat a bunch of ecstasy .
You going to wig tonite? u guys all wiggin?
by Wigballs December 31, 2009
Wack, weak or lame. Anything negative. Originated from wiggidy wack. Also Big Blacks hometown.
Let's leave this party, its straight wiggins.

This job sucks. I feel like I'm working in wiggins world.

Which one of you guys twisted this twiddle stick, it's straight wiggins.
by Twiddler7 June 18, 2011
1. a term used to describe the uncontrollable movements of your eyes while on ecstasy
2. a term used as a synonym to rolling, meaning that you are on ecstasy
"My eyes are wiggin so hard I see four of you."
"These are good pills, I'm wiggin balls."
by Wignuts June 15, 2008

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