Someone who makes senseless choices and ruins everything.
ex. George Bush
51% is not a mandate, George W Bush is a dumbass.
by Lisa K March 09, 2005
1.a person who does something stupid.
2.a pet name for your stupid buddies.
4.a person who does not know the meaning of dumbass.
1. guy 1: that dumbass jumped off the cliff.
guy 2: well, at least he's not a pussy.
guy 1: you're a pussy.

2. how the hell are ya, dumbass?!

3. by sitting and reading this, you have confirmed you are a dumbass.
by Dumbass Larry November 21, 2007
1. One who makes extremly poor decisions usually ending with sever punishment.
2. One with Severe lack of judgement in any field, and under any circumstance
Carson is a dumbass.
by MXG 52 April 19, 2006
1)someone who constantly doesn't listen to his family/friends dispite them being right 100% of the time

2)anyone who gets dumped 3 times a week by 3 different dates every single week

3)a person who lies about having 4.0 avg in high school yet still works a barely above minimum wage job at a retail store

4) See Craig
Craig is such a dumbass and a liar to boot.
by bungholio_portfolio April 12, 2009
1.Red Formen says this a lot.

2.An idiot that tries to get himself (or herself) killed.
1.Red:"You Dumbass!"

Eric: "That one I may have to give you this time."

2.Someone that jumps off a building for fun.
by lev1234567 June 21, 2009
everyone who resides in the urbandictionary chat rooms asking for pics and if you want to cyber.
"Hey. asl? pics? webcam?"
"You are such a dumb ass..."
by Olivia53 January 12, 2008
Anyone that has prodigious amounts of unprotected sex and actually thinks they don't have (won't ever get) an STD.
Guy 1: That dumbass went out and got infected!
Guy 2: How?
Guy 1: He had unprotected sex with the city of Los Angeles.
by lady justice September 19, 2006
A kid with a mullet or that are just so fucking stupid that they cant think for themselves and they give into the saying "do it it your cool"
Ryan your mullet was moving so much that you looked like a fucking dumbass
by Nick Mariano March 22, 2007
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