1. a person at school that is so damn fat and retarded they have conversations in the middle of the hallway and block causing all kinds of student traffic
2. john kerry
3. a hobo i saw that mugged a little child for his happy meal
dumbasses are usually fatasses
by PlayDohMan October 01, 2004
n. a species of human with low intelligence
Harsh is one of the last remaining dumbasses.
by Anonymous December 04, 2002
Someone who voted for Obama
Tom: "Yo Jerry! Don't talk smack about Obama! I voted for him."
Jerry: "Tom, you are a dumbass."
by JollyLama April 11, 2010
Person that defines the word dumbass by calling other people dumbasses for looking it up
The Dumbass Below.
by Smartasses inc. March 20, 2010
people who worry to much about things
chill out man, you're not going to care about it when you're 6 feet under
by coldaddy August 28, 2003
an idiot, shitass, or someone who makes a tag for a video, definition etc that has nothing to do with the content, or they make a shitty video and they write for instance "bleach 99 100 101 102 103 104 105 106" etc
what fuckin dumbass made this piece of shit?
by byakoenma August 25, 2007
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