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3 definitions by papaloki

Someone who constantly brakes things and acts like an idiot and never listens no matter how many times you tell them something. Usually thinking they are funny, dumbasses usually do incredibly stupid things. If you are doing things like tripping over curbs or driving 50 km down a road with your turn signal on you just might be a dumbass.
Wow look at that kid tripping over the curb what a dumbass!
by papaloki July 31, 2006
1. Someone who has absolutely no clue that he/she is being used for something.

2. The greatest band ever
1. Wow what a Tool shes just using that kid for his friend and he doesn't even know it!

2. "Hey man what are you listening to?" "Oh just some Tool"
by papaloki August 03, 2006
two poops, one usually being slightly larger than the other, also smeling slightly less rancid than the first poop. this is the mystery behind toop.
Hey, check out that toop on the ground over there!
by papaloki July 26, 2006