Someone who is not only dumb, but an ass.
"Frank, you stupid son of a bitch, you're a dumbass."
by David December 03, 2003
anyone who voted for obama because he is black
If you voted for obama just because he's black, you are such a damn dumbass that you need to go kill yourself
by homeschool1991 March 01, 2009
somebody who answers when you yell "hey dumbass!"
mean person:hey dumbass!

by Big LJ October 16, 2006
1. someone that is stupid
2. someone who spells out street talk so they think they sound cool
3. someone who thinks that they have it worse than everyone else
That guy is a dumbass.
The person whoe wrote, "I'm in da hizzouse 4 realz mo fo." is a dumbass.
The girl who is bitching about everything is a dumbass.
by j February 28, 2005
Something people call me just because i have a Low IQ. i take this term seriously and i dont think its funny. It's another word for a stupid person or someone who is no good at anything. Its an insult.
I was in special ed. Some kids call me dumbass but I just have a low IQ.
by Michael Rehmeyer November 26, 2007
An AOL user.
That AOL user is the biggest dumbass I've ever talked to.
by Ian -- I'm better than you. September 13, 2003
An offensive term used by kids and many young adults. People use it when they see someone mess up or when they do something stupid. I personally hate that word along with retard.
tim: Tony failed the math test.
bob: what a dumbass.
by kevin1009 July 27, 2007

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