an idiot, shitass, or someone who makes a tag for a video, definition etc that has nothing to do with the content, or they make a shitty video and they write for instance "bleach 99 100 101 102 103 104 105 106" etc
what fuckin dumbass made this piece of shit?
by byakoenma August 25, 2007
Characterized by being obsessed with dungeons and Dragons, such as the person that submitted the definition for Wyvern
Damn it! My comp shut down for a half hour! Now I can't play Dungeons and Dragons :'(

You're such a dumbass
by Wyvernz October 17, 2006
1. A person who think Bush is a good president
2. People who name their children after objects (tree/sunflower/cinnamon/house/etc.)
Look at this dumbass he thinks Bush is amazing

What kind of dumbass would name their child cinnamon!?
by LAN_Wee October 04, 2005
One who stays up until 2 a.m. drinking beer with his friends on a work night!
Often associated with deep and prophetic conversations on life and waking up with the taste of monkey caca in your mouth.
Sing. I am too old to behave like such a dumbass.
Pl. I can’t believe we can still act like such dumbasses.
by Trevor Clere September 21, 2005
simple, a guy with shit for brains
James is a dumbass because he is a stoner
by james marcum June 18, 2004
Anyone who spends all their money at strip clubs because they are to stupid to get a date and they are still living with their parents at 25 being told what to do all the time because they have an IQ of 50 and don't have enough money to move out because they can't hold onto a job without getting fired.
Chris is so retarded! He can't talk to women because he is stupid so he spends all his money at strip clubs. What a dumbass!
by Freedy Martins October 26, 2009
90% of the people who post on this site
I can't believe that any dumbass can post whatever they want
by antihate July 05, 2003

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