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The head of a penis that has been inserted and removed from an anus.
Sara forgot to take a dump before i pounded her asshole, when i pulled out my cock was covered in shit. I hate cleaning up a muddy helmet.
by skitzo October 19, 2003
A punk-rock "band" consisting of Atom and his synthesizer (known as the Package).
Atom and His Package played in my town, and he's 100% punk.
by Skitzo August 11, 2004
Insert your name here is a dumbass.
by skitzo August 26, 2003
AAVE (African American Vernacular English) used often in place of words beginning with "ph" (i.e. Phillip, Philae, etc.)
Hey, Phizzle, what's goin' on?
by Skitzo June 16, 2004
Creator and only human in the punk-rock band Atom and His Package.
Atom is a God among men.
by Skitzo August 11, 2004
A band often considered to be the greatest metal band of all time, whose fans are nothing more than mindless teenagers who have yet to witness true thrash metal. The band is best known for their hit single Sickness, featuring constant screaming and mating calls similar to that of a chimpanzee. Although they are a decent metal band, rabid fans do need to realize that Disturbed is not as god-like as they think them to be.
The Disturbed concert had killer muisc, but the lyrics leave much to be desired.
by Skitzo June 12, 2004

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