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a guy, a male person
that "hot chick" you were just checking out was actually a dude!
by audiodreg May 03, 2004
1. a word that replaces pretty much anything (ex: cool, wow, he, she, it, hi, um, whoa, buddy)
2. a word used wen the other person is being so stupid there is nothing else to say
1. duuude!
2. dude...
by jaydee October 03, 2003
Adj.: 1. being very relaxed and laid-back, 2. lazy, 3. having a hippy-ish outlook; see Jeff Lebowski (not Mr. Jeff Lebowski, but "The Dude").
You're being very un-dude.
by Javdoc July 23, 2003
You may know the word "dude" as a universal word, invented by Americans.

Before Americans changed this word, the word dude, originally meant "horse penis".
The dude needed to be examined.
by Resent of ijji Gunz May 05, 2010
The Scientific term of a whales foreskin, or a whales dork
youre a worthless dude
by Wild_bill June 18, 2008
n,v,Adjective,pronoun,adverb, just about every thing
The universal word what is used when you have no idea what the real word is
dude i was like dude and dude i mean dude damn dude dude!!!
by NyxArcanaDeath June 10, 2008
1. you're fucking homeboy
2. somebody whose steehed as fuck
3. somebody whose dumb
You just drank the bongwater dude! You're dumb, dude! ahahaha
im steeched as fuck dude!
by Ron Hitman February 26, 2008