A word used to call any kind of guy, beyond his walth, race or sex.
-Wazzuup dude?
-Cool, how are you?
-Fine dude, lets go and grab a bite.
by thechengue April 14, 2006
1. Most people refer to a dude as a species of homosapian known as a male.
2. Skaters refer to a dude as both species of homosapian; male and female.
Dude, that fucking hurt!!!
by Heath Brown March 14, 2006
(According to my sources) A microscopic hair on an elephant's butt.
So, whats your job?

Shaving an elephant's dudes.
by S0cks November 29, 2005
Jeffery Lebowski, the big lebowski, hero of the Cohen Brothers movie. He is "the Dude". A pot-smoking, white russian (caucasian) drinking, ex-metallica roadie super laid back jesus christ savior figure. He also bowls
The dude resides.
New shit has come to light, man!
by williethakid June 01, 2005
Apparently Oscar Wilde is the first person who came up with this term.
'Dude' - derived from 'Duck' + 'Attitude'
Why/ How come? My guess is as good as yours.
Why/ How come? My guess is as good as yours, dude.
by godknowswhy March 18, 2005
Pronoun used to refer to a person whose name you cannot remember
Umm, whats up dude? Yeah how's your mother...?
by Simple Sam February 07, 2005
Commonly used by stoners or skater dudes to address each other. Similar terms include 'Allriitte', 'Radical!' and 'Righteous!'
James Croft, He finds it funny to cut his hand and wipe the blood on a wall or maybe stick a thumb tack through his ear and into a wooden railing on a mobile building. So people shout 'dduuuuuuddddeeee' in his presence
by muhahahaha January 07, 2005

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