The Scientific term of a whales foreskin, or a whales dork
youre a worthless dude
by Wild_bill June 18, 2008
n,v,Adjective,pronoun,adverb, just about every thing
The universal word what is used when you have no idea what the real word is
dude i was like dude and dude i mean dude damn dude dude!!!
by NyxArcanaDeath June 10, 2008
1. you're fucking homeboy
2. somebody whose steehed as fuck
3. somebody whose dumb
You just drank the bongwater dude! You're dumb, dude! ahahaha
im steeched as fuck dude!
by Ron Hitman February 26, 2008
adjective: cool, amazing, sweet, groovy.
wow, that movie was dude!
by charles mingus February 14, 2008

used to address strangers. or people you know. or anyone for that matter
can be used for any gender, race, location.

used by many northern california and east texas people as a term of endearment.

Man, brah, sista, cuz, bro

a random word that can be put anywhere in a statement.
"I know that dude"
"i love that dude"
"i'm a dude, he's a dude, she's a dude cause we're all dudes"
"i was like 'dude' and he was all 'duuuuude, wasup?'"
by Chris, Mcdude October 10, 2007
1.) A boy, man, or girl.
2.) Use in place of many words
3.) Also the hair on the back of an elephant's butt.
1.) That dude is hot!
2.) Dude! What's up dude?
3.) That elephant has so many dudes dude!
by Jennifer D. April 03, 2007
a guy or a friend from the same sex
sup dude c u on the flip side
by cloe 8438 October 17, 2006

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