Dude: Originally the term for a camel's penis!
Yo dude (you have just called them a camel's penis)
by Leeboy09 September 08, 2009
A Pastrami sandwich on rye bread with dijon mustard.
I ordered a dude but it was a little dry and needed hot sauce.
by Foodie 50 July 07, 2009
(According to my sources) A microscopic hair on an elephant's butt.
So, whats your job?

Shaving an elephant's dudes.
by S0cks November 29, 2005
Pronoun used to refer to a person whose name you cannot remember
Umm, whats up dude? Yeah how's your mother...?
by Simple Sam February 07, 2005
a guy, a male person
that "hot chick" you were just checking out was actually a dude!
by audiodreg May 03, 2004
Adj.: 1. being very relaxed and laid-back, 2. lazy, 3. having a hippy-ish outlook; see Jeff Lebowski (not Mr. Jeff Lebowski, but "The Dude").
You're being very un-dude.
by Javdoc July 23, 2003
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