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Dood n.

Old West, circa 1870s term for east coast, tarted up yanks gone west, to either get dirty up to their arse or get killed, while pursuing some futile gold rush.
Where the fuck did the DUDE get killed?
At the fucking creek, where the DUDE went down on one hell of a mother fucking gold strike to fucking hell, the fucking cocksucker.
by Tristan December 21, 2004
term of endearment

used to express affection. brotherhood
dude, just listen to loveline one night and you'll fill up the whole dictionary.
by dude December 19, 1999
A dude is a bump on a mules rump. It is a western cowboy term.
"Dude Ranch" was a derogatory term. Calling a wantabe cowboy a dude was an insult he did not get.
by Real Cowboy April 07, 2011
Another name for a camels penis.
Dude, you totally just checked out that camels dude!
by iloveyouRWAR. August 13, 2010
A Pastrami sandwich on rye bread with dijon mustard.
I ordered a dude but it was a little dry and needed hot sauce.
by Foodie 50 July 07, 2009
the most epic and awesome greeting in the history of man
dude..... just dude
dude..... i know where your coming from
by schwangs July 23, 2008
1.An old west word for someone from the east coast who came to the west on vacation.Often dressed nicely ("duded up")

2.American term for any male.

3.Basically something you just say before any sentence

4.A word one can use to express either joy or sorrow.
Never EVER say the word "that" before dude.Example: don't say,"look at that dudes hat".Say,"Look at dudes hat"

Don't say,"what is that dude doing?"Say,"what is dude doing?"
by idunno? August 10, 2004