A slang word for a camel's penis.
Wow did you see the dude on that camel?
by Nick Weedon September 13, 2005
Originally, 'dude' referred to the hair at the base of a horse's tail. In the late 1800's, horse ranches became known as "dude ranches". And therefore, the men who worked on a "dude ranch" became known as "dudes".
Tell that dude over there to get my stallion saddled-up.
by DarkLotus August 31, 2005
A term used mostly by stoners surfers skaters, white people and other ethnicities that are not black or don't like rap or hip hop
1.Dude she was awsome.
2.Dude you're tripping like your mom.
3.Dude your mom was awsome.
by Dinasty August 30, 2005
An infected hair on an elephants butt.
While visiting the local zoo, the proctologist examined the dude pro bono.
by DaHunck April 05, 2015
A famous person.

A stud.
A guy who is favored.
A woman who is a tom guy, a dude
A man that is laid back.
A guy that never needs to lay. Just surf.
A porn addict who is homosexual.
A man who enjoys women.
A stoner.
A man with a permanent infirm boner.
A hobo.
A really dumb guy.
A man who is muscled, but doesn't want ladies till 60.
That guy is a total dude.
Look at that dude, she's pretty good on that long board, " hey, u wanna meet after boarding"

"Dude, what's up?"

"Dude, I'd like you to come with thos fries"
"Dude I just don't care."
"Dude, leave it to a nerd"
by dude with info April 01, 2015
Used to be a word used to address a friend or pal, but now is used on someone to be a condescending dick.
"I hate hangovers."
"Dude, you're not even old enough to drink. Quit bitching."
by Mechanic1d August 15, 2014
Dood n.

Old West, circa 1870s term for east coast, tarted up yanks gone west, to either get dirty up to their arse or get killed, while pursuing some futile gold rush.
Where the fuck did the DUDE get killed?
At the fucking creek, where the DUDE went down on one hell of a mother fucking gold strike to fucking hell, the fucking cocksucker.
by Tristan December 21, 2004
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