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A douche is a device used to introduce a stream of water into the body for medical or hygenic reasons, or the stream of water itself
The title of the biggest douche in the world will have to fall on Javier. This man is the saddest human (FYI the most down-grading piece of scum) in the world. He has claimed to have meet Ronnie Coleman, but this of course may be, no, is most plausible bullshit.

==A life in Douche==
This man starts by waking up at 5:00 in the morning, everyday. He enters his bathroom at 5:01 and stares at the mirror until 8:03 and then leaves for work. What he exactly does in his work place, UHS, between 8:16 to 8:50 is a mystery, but what is for sure is that he is always five fucking minutes late. From 9:00 to...well...it depends how long his story is, talks about what everybody should do. In between his instructions, this '''douche''' will talk about past job experiences he had with varies companies that most likely never hired him. From the time he finishes to the end of 1st block, he looks up gay porn on the internet. '''Douche''' repeats this progress for all periods. When school ends at 3:45, '''Douche''' leaves for his house and arrives there at around 4:18. He enters his bathroom at 4:29 and stares at the mirror until 11:34 when he goes to sleep. The progress is repeated for five days.

==Slang uses==
A douche is someone who is incredibly annoying. "Hey, that Javier Sancez guy is such a douche!"

Terms such as '''douchebag''' and '''douche''' are also popular derogatory terms of insult] or ridicule in North America]. These terms have become popular in the comedic media, and can mean a variety of different insults:
* Someone who is annoying, bossy or embarrassing.
* Someone who is stupid, intellectually challenged or mentally deranged but less than clinically insane].
* Someone who is unintelligently lying or scam]ming.
* Someone who is arrogant], elitist] or snobby.
* Someone whom you don't like.
* Someone who is socially inept.
* Someone who you think is mentally challenged
by resistance April 11, 2006
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a word to describe an individual who has shown themself to be very brainless in one way or another, thus comparing them to the cleansing product for vaginas.
you're such a douche... i wish i knew your existence was this pathetic when i started hanging out with u.
by seraphina October 05, 2003
16746 6357
1. George W. Bush, president of the United States.
2. Product used to sanitize an unpleasant, dirty vagina.
See also douchebag]. Definition 1 also applies to douchebag].
George Bush is such a douche, man.
by YOREMA October 27, 2004
17553 12704
Literal - A liquid concoction used for sanitizing and cleaning the female nether regions.

Actual - (Adj) A person who is a waste of oxygen; an idiot. Also used to describe a male / female (N) that won't let you run your game. To act in a ridiculous manner; embarassing (V)
That beaatch is a "douche", yo. Tell her to step or catch five quick ones!

My boy was "douchin'" out hard last night! The had to carry his ass out the J-Kwon show.

That kid is real "douchey". Keep him out the crib.

His name is Rich, but we all call him "The Douche".
by cfee2xd May 26, 2004
4698 2947
Product mistakenly used under the unfortunate impression that it will improve the environmental condition of the female nether-regions. In fact, the vagina is a self-cleaning organ and use of this product may hinder the "good bacteria" naturally present whose job it is to maintain a state of cleanliness. Should the vagina show signs of infection which would potentially lead to the mistaken impression that douching would be a good idea (unpleasant smell, etc.), one should seek professional medical treatment because they probably have some sort of an infection which can be cleared up properly with medication.
The use of douche, an unfortunately common practice, leads all too frequently to a disruption in the normal self-cleansing vaginal environment, resulting in repeated and worsening symptoms.
3514 1884
The acknowledgement of an accusation, or a point made by someone you consider to be a douche bag.
Accented E: pronounced dew/shay

Teacher: "It's no wonder that we don't communicate, when your grammar is incomprehensible."

Student: "Douché."
by nom de plumb June 16, 2009
1334 511
Pronounced "doosh"

*Vaginal cleaning item.
*An offense-purpose word toward a person.
"You're such a douche!"
by Dave April 16, 2004
1996 1369
1)The French word for shower.
2)The English word for what you do to horribly dirty pussies.
"Je prendrai une douche." or "Cletus, after yo' sister squeezes out that young'n, go'n git her a douche from the Uni-Mart."
by Donald Duck May 01, 2003
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