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(n) 1. The French and Russian word for shower 2. A vaginal cleansing utility 3. (slang) An offensive word describing (v) 1. To clean the vagina
(n.) 1. "Ya shas paydu k~" ("I will go to the shower soon" on Russian) 2. "Can you please hand me the ~ so I may clean my vagina?" 3. "You, my friend, are a ~." (v.) 1. "Leave me alone and let me ~ myself!"
by Danny Kaplun December 18, 2004
An accusation or witty point made by a douchebag. A way to recognize the wit and barb of a statement, while simultaneously insulting the speaker. Prounounced doo-shay.
To that I can only say douche' .
by J Bo January 23, 2007
1. Bruno Mars
- Who dared to sing "Just the way you are" and "I think I want to mary you"? - A compete douche, forget it.
by Sam79000 April 22, 2011
- A french word meaning; shower
- A name you call an immature idiot(usally male) that pisses them off, very offensive
-An item used ( more in older days ) to clean the ladies lower area
" Sarah did you just see that douche who just ran that red light, he almost hit that little kid"
by hpluvr February 10, 2009
when some one is either talking some bullshit, or talking out their ass, or acting like a douche bag. completely replaces the term 'tou che" by subtley adding the "dou" from "douche'.
guy 1- i think cannibus is a better rapper than eminiem
guy 2- nah dude listem to em's flow in "dead wrong"
guy 1- "dou che"
by seanandtom January 10, 2009
Douche with the added apastrophe e ('e) to make it a sound like touch'e often used in an argument when one person has defeated the other with a quick jab of wit
Dewd: hahahha, ur gay
Dude: your MOM'S gay!
Dewd: (admitting defeat) douch'e
by Rorudo August 26, 2007
(doo-SHEY) an expression used for acknowledging a telling remark or rejoinder while simultaneously acknowledging that the person who said the remark is a douche for saying it.
Jim: I should've walked further to get to that restaurant.

Bob: Actually, you mean to say you should have walked "farther" to get to that restaruant.

Jim: Douché.
by DarkRoom February 14, 2010