1)The French word for shower.
2)The English word for what you do to horribly dirty pussies.
"Je prendrai une douche." or "Cletus, after yo' sister squeezes out that young'n, go'n git her a douche from the Uni-Mart."
by Donald Duck May 01, 2003
A) A person who is a complete ignorant dick who thinks that they cannot be wrong.

B)A person that talks too much shit and can't back it up.

C)Someone who is a unnecessary tough-guy all the time.
ex) Mike: Tom, stop talking so much shit all the time.
Tom: Whatever dude its how I roll.
Mike: Douche.

ex) John M.
by Mike Markey February 26, 2008
One who is douchey -- a self-promoting asshole who contributes nothing to the world. Tool. Loser
I feel like such a douche applying for jobs like that, but I gotta pay rent right?
by Kai from Palo Alto September 07, 2006
A person that has ZERO regard for anybody or anything going on around him/her. Selfishness is his/hers number one quality!!!
Mark don't be a douche all the time!!
by M. Milark March 02, 2007
someone,who is simply a waste of air,often very stupid,always tells useless things,who nobody really wants to hear
Guy 1:Here comes the new student.

Guy 2:Yeah,he is such a douche in class.
by foursouls1 April 26, 2009
a device used to scrub out a sordid, stinking, gungey pussy
jeniffer's sickeningly filthy minge made the boys gag. so jason did the decent thing; he bought her a multipack of douches for christmas. "oh great!" she exclaimed. "now my vagina won't smell of rotting seafood!" she went into the toilet and got busy.
by dombo June 17, 2004
A person who thinks they are cool, but is actually completely not cool; tool.
That kid Alex Bestes is a total douche.
by Seannnn69 February 21, 2009
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