A person named Dmitri who leaves a 7 minute phone message on Olga's answering machine and says phrases like,"Here's how this is going to play out," and "Belive it or not, I am a real catch," and, "I am great in bed and I make lots of money." He will try to convince you that your friends are jealous that he spoke to you first, he will also tell you that his hair gel makes him look like a movie star. See also Asshat.
When Olga got home and pushed play on her answering machine, all she could hear was the sound of a douche.
by johnnyfresno1 July 10, 2008
(doo-SHEY) an expression used for acknowledging a telling remark or rejoinder while simultaneously acknowledging that the person who said the remark is a douche for saying it.
Jim: I should've walked further to get to that restaurant.

Bob: Actually, you mean to say you should have walked "farther" to get to that restaruant.

Jim: Douché.
by DarkRoom February 14, 2010
A variation of the well known word in pop culture "touché". While "touché" is used in popular culture and general conversation — for example, in an argument or debate — to congratulate someone on a clever response to an argument, "douché" is used when the person you're arguing with or debating thinks they made a meaningful and clever response, but they really just said something that made them sound like a douchebag and didn't bolster their position at all.
You: This
Douchebag: Something else (where 'something else' just makes them sound like a douchebag)
You: Ah... douché!
by bryanwn October 23, 2009
People who are stupid, lie, and slow down the progress of all man-kind
John Edward; the biggest douche in the universe
by Star Girl Ollie September 11, 2007
The second stage of being a dick between asshole and jerk
Sydney Smith is a douche
by Whackjack June 05, 2010
A French douche bag.

Pronounced doo-chay.
"Hahaha you are such a punk douché Pierre."

"Vont te tuer! Arrêtez de me taquiner à cause de mon héritage français!"

"Hahaha wut? See that is what I mean you are such a douché."

"Est-ce là le seul mot que vous savez comment dire, connard?!"

"Just shut up and eat your lunch, Pierre."
by LWxxDark Wolf October 31, 2009
A portmanteau of "touché" and "douche." When a person delivers a clever and cutting remark in response to another person's argument, the latter may respond with "Douché!" as acknowledgment of a good yet decidedly douchey response.
Dean: Where did I go wrong? How is my own brother drinking demon blood without me noticing?
Sam: Maybe if you stopped crying at every scenic road, you'd have noticed.

Dean: ... Douché.
by Chad the Anti-Douche June 28, 2009

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