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A eco-friendly car that has the option to come with solar panels.
Made for rich people who "want to save the earth" but they really just buy it because they hate themselves.
Rich Person: I hate myself. I'm gonna go buy a Toyota Prius so that way people think I'm just saving the earth.
A car that gives you the illusion that you're magically going to eliminate pollution and save the earth all by buying a crappy Japanese car for an outrageous price.
"That Toyota Prius is a total piece of shit."
by Your Sister April 08, 2015
"Toyota Prius" is the "Audi 5000" for 2010 and beyond. They can be used interchangeably, but today "Toyota Prius" seems more apropos. It means that you are leaving. Leaving with a quickness, a sense of urgency. Also, you may not have functioning brakes.
Person 1: "Yo! this party is whack, I'm Audi 5000!"
Person 2: "Werd li4e, God! I'ma Toyota Prius up out dis b!tch 2"
Person 1: "tru tru"
Person 2: "Peace, kid"
Person 1: "Ghost"
Person 2: "1"
by Kre8ivity April 19, 2010
A car that will litteraly make a man puke and want to kill himself. The definition of disappointment.
When she sent me the booty pics I felt like I saw a Toyota Prius.
by DildoWarior July 09, 2016
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