A box halfway-filled with Nicolas Cage films and memrobelia.

Or a mummified pre-mortal badger.
"Dude! I was looking through your doot and i found Lord of War! Can i borrow it?"

John- "Hey what happened to you face?"
David- "Oh nothing really.. i got attacked by a doot last night. It was totally my bad though i shouldn't of been crawling around in its burial chamber."
by mulletmilitia69 April 28, 2010
Top Definition
Crude term meaning vagina, used in Northern Ireland
Shove it up yer doot!
by Pablo June 19, 2006
This term is a word originated from Long Beach, NY. It could mean a lot of different things. It could insult someone for looking weird. A fat person. A dumb person. A person you don't like.
Yo, what up doot.
You are a doot!
Thats so doot right there.
That kid is a doot.
by Longbeachroller123 March 14, 2009
Variation of "Dude".
Hey what's up Doot!
by Donkey Hodey October 12, 2008
Another word for joint/blunt
Said to be a mix of the wordszoot and doob (which both also mean joint)
Originates from Austrailia and is very common in Austrailia and New Zealand
Stoner 1 "hey bro. wanna go smoke another fat doot?"
Stoner 2 "yeah man. that last doot got me sooo baked"
by simon pottasy February 26, 2015
A rude way of saying "shit".
Mang, you don't know doot!
That LL Kool J autograph aint worth doot, Homes!
by fucwad June 14, 2004
1. A vagina
2. An insult to a stupid person
3. Common word used to sing sounds in songs
4. Tumblr User bobeestinger's favorite word
Stop being a doot you doot and send me some doots.
by poptarded July 31, 2013
When you are singing a song like "Here comes the sun" and you break out into song
and you belt out some DOOTS!
by Brookiefoo July 25, 2008

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