The name for the unexplained lint found in unusual places.
1. When Kevin took off his shirt, he fondled the DOOT in his belly button.

2. Steven took the gum out of his pocket, it had DOOT all over it, he chewed it anyway.
by rickyroeman February 09, 2008
a vagina; a word usually said by little girls instead of vagina, to be discrete.
Mommy, my doot hurts.
by Jackalyn M. December 08, 2006
A small portion of fecal matter shaped into a small sphere about the size of a pebble. Usually produced by Rabits, or rodents of equal size and/or animals with the capability of producing such an object.
Damn Jim, your rabbit's cage is filled to the bring with doots, you should clean it.
by Andrew Hoch May 03, 2005
A walk with no real aim or direction
Hey, we're headed for a doot about town, fancy coming?
by AlanB March 26, 2007
Originaly coined by a fellow student, "doots" meaning shit or worse.
For example.. "Your doots m8" or "cold, your doots at life m8" or "work is doots and my manager is doots"
by Ryan1471 March 31, 2006
Lame, whack, gay, stupid
Ew, shit's doot.


by Delp December 30, 2005
An all around gretting / saluation / exclamation / question
Whats up doot?
what the doot!
doot? aka, huh?
by scrollios December 13, 2004

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