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this is the currency used in strip clubs usually $1 or $2. given to strippers in exchange for cunt
Guy: I need some more cunt bucks before i can get more action.
by icecream February 15, 2007
A term used to describe going to the toilet for a shit. the word dingo is taken from Ernie Dingo, an abo celebrity in Australia.
"Wait here while i go drop a dingo"
by icecream February 16, 2007
A very good and popular ace magazine read by every deicent red blooded male in Australia. If you dont read it then you can fuck off.
Im off to the shop to buy this weeks The Picture magazine
by icecream February 16, 2007
Another word used for vagina, pussy, cunt, fanny, etc. used in a very popular magazine in Australia called THE PICTURE.
"Im going to the pub tonight to get me some doot"
by icecream February 16, 2007
a place where you go to deposit sperm, i.e. a sperm bank
FRED: "im a bit low on money at the moment"
BARRY: "why dont you go to the wank bank for a bit of cash"
by icecream February 15, 2007

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