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Crude term meaning vagina, used in Northern Ireland
Shove it up yer doot!
by Pablo June 19, 2006
366 162
This term is a word originated from Long Beach, NY. It could mean a lot of different things. It could insult someone for looking weird. A fat person. A dumb person. A person you don't like.
Yo, what up doot.
You are a doot!
Thats so doot right there.
That kid is a doot.
by Longbeachroller123 March 14, 2009
395 236
Variation of "Dude".
Hey what's up Doot!
by Donkey Hodey October 12, 2008
15 1
the nickname for the game Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, most often referring to online gameplay
"Dude you hoppin' on the doots?"
"Signing on as we speak."
by Deezul October 15, 2009
22 12
In my family this word is used to describe fecal matter and is derived from the old fashioned saying - 'to do your duties'.
"Ooh, look at that white dog doots!'
by Lucy-doots October 16, 2003
38 29
1. A vagina
2. An insult to a stupid person
3. Common word used to sing sounds in songs
4. Tumblr User bobeestinger's favorite word
Stop being a doot you doot and send me some doots.
by poptarded July 31, 2013
15 8

A derogative term given to a person who is acting irritating at a given time; uncomplimentary
Justin was acting like a doot yesterday when I was working with him.
by NCKTCStud October 25, 2011
12 13