The word 'doot' was common in Carrickfergus,County Antrim,Northern Ireland in the early 1950's for an apple core.
A person, usually young person would say to another who was eating an apple "Keep me your doot" or "I bags the doot"
by Denis Allen July 25, 2008
Predominantly the method of describing a male anus. Secondarily,
used to substitute any word in the english language.
Show me ya doot
by Freshbits August 01, 2009
1) Exclamation: Said in response to a greeting. Affectionate connotation.

2) Pronoun: A small thing. thing; has affectionate connotation

3) Verb: Proceeding in a routine way that you like.

All these are positive, affectionate. Not nasty or mean.

1) "Hi!" "Doot!"

2) Look at that doot!

2) I was just dooting down the street, when.. OR I was dooting along on that project when...
by jytdog April 08, 2009
Another word used for vagina, pussy, cunt, fanny, etc. used in a very popular magazine in Australia called THE PICTURE.
"Im going to the pub tonight to get me some doot"
by icecream February 16, 2007
sometimes used in northern ireland to mean ATM/Cash Machine
He's going to get some money from the 'doot doot' (in reference to the noise the keypads make when entering the PIN)
by lpmd April 14, 2010
Used in MMORPG's (Massive-Multiplayer Online Roll Playing Games). It is used to express superiority or power. It can also be used as a reference to a level of power one can attain in an MMO.
Ex 1. "I am doot"
Ex 2. "If you want doot, get that weapon!"
by I iz Lolcatz April 13, 2009
A person who is either about to go on jury duty or is already on a case, clueless about what goes on in criminal law procedures despite orientation in the waiting room and instructions from the judges. Also spelled "dut", both spellings pronounced to rhyme with "boot". From "jury DUTy".
What a pain in the butt! It's time for me to talk to that doot in front of me at the courthouse!
by pentozali February 04, 2009

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