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1.) A mean-spirited person who only cares about himself.
2.) That glop of pussy snot that gloms onto your dick when you're done.
1.) Word! That asshole Fleming sure is a fucwad!
2.) I say, Margaret. You've donated a nice fucwad upon my tallywhacker this morning! Quite!
by fucwad March 14, 2004
A female plumbing issue.
Lizzy was walking funny until her cheesy discharge fell out. It hit the floor with a thump and rolled toward the wall. Booya! The cat ate it!
by fucwad March 16, 2004
1.) The area south of Johannesburg, S.Africa.
2.) The poochy area hanging over a fat woman's pussy.
1.) Let's move our trailer to Dungdoo Cufa, Sheila!
2.) Dat ho Shateefa got so much dungdoo cufa goin on, Ima haffa doggy her.
by fucwad March 14, 2004
Defecation so violent that one's turlet spits water back at you shiney hiney.
DMasterF: "Damn, Wigga! Whys yo pants wet?"
Fauntleroy DQ: "Fuck me runnin'! Ima hadda a splassback from yo Mamma's fried chicken comin out my azz!"
by fucwad June 13, 2004
1. see John Kerry
2. stool sample
1.) Muffy, I do believe the Andersons shall be selling their villa in Tuscany now that Mr. and Mrs. Piece of Chit have moved next door. Oh pshaw!
2.) Homes, that lady doc is whack. She asked me for a piece of chit. WTF?
by fucwad April 27, 2004
your ho's granny
I was jes bout to slip Shaneequa da bone when in walk da pie-nanni to licks ma grundle for herseff.
by fucwad March 17, 2004
1. see John Kerry's supporters
2. Boston Red Sox
1. Snap!! The apathy club gonna lose in November, Homeslice!
2. Pedro is the king of the apathy club.
by fucwad August 06, 2004

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