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Causing or worthy of ridicule or derision; absurd; preposterous; laughable.
The third degree of ridiculous.
Variations: donk, donkt, donked
That bitchs face is donk!!!

Thomas says he's not a fgt but deepthroating that popsicle was pretty donkt!!
by Mr. America September 11, 2006
VERB. to fuck someone or something.
She's hot, I would donk her if I had the chance.
by the janice May 18, 2006
A bad-ass australian motherfucker, used as a surrogate for a more traditional weapon.
A: "I don't need a gun mate, I gotta donk."
B: "What's a donk?"
Donk: *POW* DONK!
by phildonnia June 16, 2004
A Beer/lager In Can or bottle Form.
Pass a donk or donkline
by Ceiy Dytor February 17, 2008
1) The sound a computer makes when certain types of error messages or pop-ups appear on the screen of your monitor;
2) To block access to something on a computer because of an error message or pop-up.
I just got a donk from a menu screen on my computer, so I have to 'x" it out to get to the next link.
by pentozali October 04, 2007
A slang term for a whale vagina
The humpback whale has a mighty donk.
by Talon Hogan September 24, 2006
In Tetris, misplacing a tetrad in a way that causes large gaps beneath said tetrad, usually caused by dropping the peice before checking to make sure it is aligned properly, or by not having enough time to manipulate the peice before it falls. Technically it is a verb, but can easily be used as a noun.
"You're near the top of the screen. Be careful you don't donk."

"Dammit, that was a total donk!"
by SalientAlien June 30, 2005