A donk is a vehicle such as a Cutlass Supreme, Caprice Classic, Impala, or a Monte Carlo. Mainly referring to the old school models of these cars.
Damn look at that donk!
by emoc December 22, 2004
A bad-ass australian motherfucker, used as a surrogate for a more traditional weapon.
A: "I don't need a gun mate, I gotta donk."
B: "What's a donk?"
Donk: *POW* DONK!
by phildonnia June 16, 2004
Used in skateboarding, referring to a poorly executed maneuver.
Dude, that nollie heel was donk! Fuck!
by dj trainwreck September 20, 2003
A cushion for the pushing
my best friend has one, and lots of people stare at her donk,
all the time.
by wenislawnmower January 03, 2011
1. a big juicy booty

2. a shortened term for the word donkey
1. "woot woot she got a donk!"

2. "I want a pet donk for christmas."
by qwertrewtre September 23, 2009
(n) a huge shit, sometimes big enough to clog a toilet
Bro, I just dropped a donk in your bathroom so you may want to stay out of there for the next few days.
by Jonkey May 01, 2008
a stupid person. an idiot.
oh my god! you just cracked my skateboard. you donk!

I can't believe you said that stupid thing! you donk!
by blonde_bombshell November 11, 2007
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