A donk is a vehicle such as a Cutlass Supreme, Caprice Classic, Impala, or a Monte Carlo. Mainly referring to the old school models of these cars.
Damn look at that donk!
by emoc December 22, 2004
Another word for taking a poop
Man I gotta take a donk!
by Seans sweaty taint November 07, 2003
(n) a huge shit, sometimes big enough to clog a toilet
Bro, I just dropped a donk in your bathroom so you may want to stay out of there for the next few days.
by Jonkey May 01, 2008
A long time. Originally 'Donkies years' due to Donkies having a long life line. Shortened down to Donkies, and Finally Donks.
"Hello Jeremy Beadle! I havent spoken to you for donks!"
"I havent seen Ben Fong-Torres for Donkies Years!"
by Hannah-Marie September 15, 2007
Also known as hoogy; Donk: A nasty girl
"who would touch that donk bitch"
by B January 06, 2005
The act of sex; nonreproductive or otherwise.
See that girl with the busted grill. I donked her.
by Elroy Fitz February 01, 2004
a donk is a cross breed between a dog and a donkey.
Look at that Donk trying to save the world.
by Johnny_aint_dead June 29, 2007

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