In Tetris, misplacing a tetrad in a way that causes large gaps beneath said tetrad, usually caused by dropping the peice before checking to make sure it is aligned properly, or by not having enough time to manipulate the peice before it falls. Technically it is a verb, but can easily be used as a noun.
"You're near the top of the screen. Be careful you don't donk."

"Dammit, that was a total donk!"
by SalientAlien June 30, 2005
1.)referal to something very large
2.)short for donkey
"We were fishin' and Harry caught the fuckin' Donk"
by JustSoFresh September 05, 2003
(verb) The act of sticking something in ones ass; donking
Hey, where's that random objected? Oh, that's right, I donked it.
by Bleach Injected May 11, 2003
A long time. Originally 'Donkies years' due to Donkies having a long life line. Shortened down to Donkies, and Finally Donks.
"Hello Jeremy Beadle! I havent spoken to you for donks!"
"I havent seen Ben Fong-Torres for Donkies Years!"
by Hannah-Marie September 15, 2007
Also known as hoogy; Donk: A nasty girl
"who would touch that donk bitch"
by B January 06, 2005
The act of sex; nonreproductive or otherwise.
See that girl with the busted grill. I donked her.
by Elroy Fitz February 01, 2004
a donk is a cross breed between a dog and a donkey.
Look at that Donk trying to save the world.
by Johnny_aint_dead June 29, 2007

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